Attribute-rich data sets from public filings & elegant tools
for generating insight from them

All public filings are not created equal.

Public filings in the oil & gas industry contain almost every data point that creative explorationists need in order to uncover opportunity. That means that the clues to the next big play, well, or deal are typically hiding in plain sight.

As you cross state lines, however, regulations and reporting requirements vary dramatically – as do the information arbitrage opportunities they create.

That’s why Oseberg takes a ground-up approach to sourcing information.  We not only study how the industry is supposed to operate in a state, but we also document how things actually work there.  We map each state’s public filings framework with an emphasis on this intersection of regulatory requirements and real-world operations.

Oseberg’s discovery process reveals high-value information sources that our clients have previously not known about or mistakenly overlooked.

Extracting needles from haystacks

We study each filing and information source to understand how it fits into a state’s broader rules and regulations for leasing, development and production.

But, then we take it a step further.  We inventory the valuable information buried deep within each filing and source, and extract the attributes that will move the needle for our clients.

The result is a structured database and an ontological framework containing tens of millions of impactful data points from hundreds of thousands of public oil & gas filings. Oseberg’s unparalleled data analysis platform combines the raw power of information with the structure and ease of a user-friendly interface.