Attribute-rich data sets from public filings & elegant tools
for generating insight from them

Commune directly with attribute-rich data sets.

Oseberg software allows you to mine data without having to know anything about computer science.

  • Ask questions on your own terms and in a language you understand, without a technical translator standing in the way.
  • Organize the answers based on any number of parameters so that you can make discoveries mid-search.
  • Filter data sets based on an unlimited combination of values.
  • Rapidly iterate on the fly.

Of course, to see is to understand – especially when you’re talking about a time series of disparate data sets unfolding over large geographic areas.

That’s why Oseberg’s animated visualization tools remain the jaw-dropping finale of any product demonstration we give. One-click mapping allows our clients to see what the data is telling them – and act more decisively as a result.