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Let’s start with the facts.

Regulatory requirements force oil and gas producers, gatherers, processors, transporters, purchasers, service companies, and other industry participants to reveal all kinds of valuable information in public filings.

For decades these public filings have served as the stock-in-trade for savvy explorationists.

Many of them are our clients and tell us how – long before they led multi-billion-dollar companies – they made their name combing through the regulatory commission archives, uncovering new developments, discerning patterns, and plotting their discoveries with wax pencils in order to connect the dots.

Theirs was a labor-intensive process that required a heavy dose of serendipity to yield results. But when it worked, well… Careers were launched. Companies were built.

The Digital Era’s arrival offered these pioneering data-miners significant hope. As the digitization wave swept through county courthouses and regulatory commission archives, vast data sets rich with potential became a mouse click away.

Leading information service providers and government agencies alike have worked feverishly over the past 15 years to make public filings available online. Today you can access almost any public filing without making a trip to the courthouse or commission library. Well logs, drilling permits, completion reports, production data, and more – all right at your fingertips.

Good news, right? Mostly.

On one hand the efficiency gains were massive and beyond anything previously imaginable in the oil and gas industry.

But, a funny thing happened on the way to the Internet. While we were waiting for the public file rooms to be digitized, our expectations were raised by companies in other segments of the economy.

Suddenly just getting to the documents without making a road trip was no longer such a big deal.

We expected more from the digital file room. Searches should cover large areas and long time periods, not be constricted to section, township, and range and metered in months. The contents of filings should be indexed and show up in search results quickly. Mapping disparate data sets shouldn’t require a full-time IT organization. And the whole process should move at light speed.

Everyone was thinking it. We did something about it.