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Vision + History

A respected geologist applies for the first-ever horizontal spacing of an old conventional formation.

One of the stingiest operators you know opens their wallet to pay for new leases.

A top acquire-and-exploit outfit files a raft of re-completions for assets long-ago written off as stripper wells.

In isolation you might consider any one of these facts a potential lead. Quickly contextualized with current field rules, nearby development activity, or historical production, these data points begin to resemble actionable intelligence.

Evan Anderson and Erik Gilje saw the potential in the raw data. So they set out to do something with it.

Well lists, production databases, and regulatory filing details cobbled together from disparate sources – piped into Visual Basic and Access databases – filtered with an algorithm; six months of sweat equity chasing down the arbitrage opportunities revealed therein; and a partial divestiture of the resultant acreage that implied an overall NAV of $1 million.

Not bad for a couple of guys in their 20’s.

But, Evan and Erik weren’t satisfied by the experience. They kept thinking: “it shouldn’t be so difficult to access, mine, and visualize these kinds of opportunities in the oil and gas industry. Wall Street’s had the Bloomberg terminal for 30 years – why doesn’t someone replicate the concept in the oil patch?”

And thus, Oseberg was born.

Incorporated in 2009 and on the market with our first data sets and application in early 2011, Oseberg experienced two years of triple-digit sales growth. 50 satisfied clients later, we’ve proven that the time has come for a different approach to public filings in the oil & gas industry.

What makes it all work?