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Why Oseberg?

Proud of their heritage, Evan and Erik found inspiration in a pristinely preserved Viking ship called the Oseberg. Unearthed in Norway at the turn of the last century, the ship’s towering prow and room for 30 oarsmen offer insight into the old English prayer, “Deliver us, O Lord, from the fury of the Norsemen.”

The Oseberg is beautifully made. Craftsmanship and care are evident in every detail.

But what do Vikings and an ancient ship have to do with oil and gas? In Old Norse, Viking means “expedition.” A trip with a purpose: a mission. A voyage.

This same deliberate exploratory spirit drove Evan and Erik to create new ways for the oil and gas industry to achieve its age-old objectives. And it drives everything we at Oseberg do today.

Creating solutions.

Paying attention to the details.

Exploring our world.